Exploring Europe with my parents: Venice the sinking city

Venice, Italy, is always at the top of everyone’s wish list when traveling to Europe. How can it not be? It’s romantic. It’s historical. It’s sinking and it’s truly magical all year round.



I have been to Venice twice (once during my honeymoon and once during the Masquerade Carnival). My mum has always dreamed of going to Venice ever since I came back with so many tales to tell, so when they visited Europe for the first time, Venice is where I took them!

My parents and I on front of the Rialto bridge.

In September, my parents and I spent a day in Venice. We managed to see all the beautiful buildings, sit in San Marco Square, stand by the Grand Canal and watch the gondolas glide by and stare in amazement as the city started to sink ever so slightly.

San Marco Cathedral in Venice during high tide as it starts to sink

I also learnt a lot about my parents on this trip – they did not like Italian food! I was 8 weeks pregnant at the time, so I too could not stomach many dishes that I used to thoroughly enjoy eating. So rather than trying to convince my parents to eat a bowl of pasta, we all agreed that Hard Rock Cafe was the best bet! When I saw them happily eating a pulled pork sandwich with chips, I made a mental note that this was the way to go for all future trips!


We also managed to get lost a few times, which is the beauty of Venice. I especially had to make sure that we did not lose my dad who is a constant wanderer (maybe this is where I get my explorer-like qualities from). Not that maps can help you in Venice. Most of the alleyways look the same and there seems to be a foot bridge at every corner. What helped us to navigate Venice was the fact that a lot of signs pointed to San Marco square and if we found San Marco square, we were able to find the hotel with ease. We ticked off one of the things that I wanted to do when in Venice and that was to properly get lost!

Gondola watching

There is truly no place like Venice.

View of Venice from the water taxi

Do you know of a place as magical as Venice where you can explore and just get lost?  Comment below and let me know!

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11 thoughts on “Exploring Europe with my parents: Venice the sinking city”

  1. I have to agree with your parents on the Italian food lol :D I’ve been to Venice in 2009, although I was a bit disappointed, not sure why… Guess it was the awful smell of the water, but other than that, truly a must see destination!

    1. Yes, agree – the food has never been that great in Venice (from what I have tried). I have been a few times to Venice and sometimes when the water has been still for quite some time, it can smell stale! Completely agree with all your points and the fact that it’s a must see destination in Italy :)

  2. It looks like you guys had a fabulous time! I have always wanted to go to Venice. =) I can’t believe they don’t like Italian food! It’s one of my faves. Oh and congrats on your pregnancy btw, how exciting! Happy New Year! xoxo

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