Exploring Europe with my parents series: The Vatican City must-see places

The Vatican City

The Vatican City has always been a place that my mother has wanted to visit so it was my pleasure to give them a day tour around this beautiful territory. The Vatican City is a walled city located in Rome so it acts as an independent state in its own right.


The Vatican Museum

I planned this day in advanced so I purchased ‘skip the line’ tickets for the Vatican Museum. I did not want to risk waiting in  a long line during one of the hottest days in September. You pay a little extra but if you’re rushed for time like we were, it’s a great alternative!

This was my second visit to the Vatican City and the Vatican Museum. The first time was during my honeymoon so I was happy to take my parents there and let them see it for themselves. We were in awe of the architecture, the frescos, paintings and sculptures that represented a great deal of Catholic history.


We also spent some time in the Vatican City gardens which was perfect for getting some sun shine and admiring the sculptures and fountains.


Saint Peter’s Basilica

There has always been a church located in the Vatican City since Constantine the Great, dating back to the year 306. Saint Peter’s Basilica was my dad’s favourite church during the entire trip. I remember him calling up my Aunts and Uncles back at home telling them how elaborate the interior was. This is my second visit to the church and it was even more grand that I remembered it.

What do you guys think? I think it is quite beautiful! 


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6 thoughts on “Exploring Europe with my parents series: The Vatican City must-see places”

  1. Wonderful photos! I’ve been to the Vatican several times but I do not remember the gardens AT ALL!!!! could they be only recently opened to the public?
    Saint Peters’ really is a fabulous church – did you like the statue of La Pieta near the entrance? It is so sad it almost made me cry the first time I saw it.

    1. I loved everything about the Vatican City and Saint Peter’s church. I didn’t notice the statue at the entrance as it was so busy. Would have loved to though!

      The gardens are on the ‘long tour’ of the Vatican Museum. When you first enter you have the option of taking the ‘short tour’ (where you see less rooms) and then ‘long tour’ where you see the gardens first. I think most people miss it as they always want to see the rooms first but hope you get to see the gardens next time! :)

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