I’d like to share some news with you!

Hello! I have postponed this post for awhile but then I realised that my current situation will be reflected in the stories about my travel experiences. You’ll also start noticing that my shape and size will change and this is because

We are expecting a baby!

That’s right! Hubby and I have managed to travel on weekends with minimal disturbance. Well… besides the food cravings and the constant need for afternoon naps that is!


So when you read about my future travel adventures, I might mention why I decided to skip some activities and replace them with others. It is so that I keep healthy and safe for the baby.

At the moment I am working full time and still traveling when I can so it’s been a miraculous adventure. We’re very happy and so is our entire family! Only some of our friends know first hand from us and the rest will surely know as and when they see me. It is an exciting time!

That’s all for now but please keep reading about my adventures leading up to the Christmas period! It is a wonderful time of the year :D

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22 thoughts on “I’d like to share some news with you!”

  1. Congratulations!!

    We had our first baby last September, and both her pregnancy and now having a two-month-old baby have changed how we live and travel just a bit. I look forward to seeing how your adventures develop now that you’ll have a new human being along for the ride! And I hope you have a healthy and happy pregnancy!

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