What I loved about Valencia, Spain

When I researched about Valencia, there were so many options for things to do. We only had a day in Valencia and since we are relatively seasoned travellers, we just wanted to relax and pick a few things to do:

  1. Drink Valencia Orange Juice
  2. Explore Old Town
  3. Visit the City of Arts and Sciences

Valencia Orange Juice

Rick and I could not get enough of Valencia Orange Juice. I would drink 2 glasses for breakfast and 2 glasses for dinner. The orange juice in Valencia is sweet and fresh because the oranges that grow around the region are enticingly delicious!


  • Do not try to eat an orange from the trees in the actual city of Valencia, as the oranges used to make juice are grown further out of town.
  • Do order Valencia orange juice with your meal! Especially if you’re going to eat a delicious Arroz Negro (squid ink rice which is similar to a paella).


Old Town

Valencia’s Old Town was overflowing with charm as we wandered around it’s peaceful streets admiring the architecture. The buildings effortlessly sit amongst orange trees and plazas. We were content to spend the entire day just relaxing while eating pumpkin donuts on a park bench.

Good food and sunshine – what more can you ask for?


The City of Arts and Sciences

The City of Arts and Sciences was a 15 minute bus ride from the city centre. There is a dedicated route that takes you straight there.


The main reason for our visit was to see the aquarium. The aquarium houses many tropical and arctic creatures from penguins, sharks, seals, sting rays and dolphins.


The aquarium has indoor and outdoor spaces which we were thankful for because the weather was heating up to 28 degrees! With cold drink in hand, we made our way to the poolside to find the best seats for the dolphin show!

The dolphin show was one of my favourite memories. The wonderful hostess (speaking mostly Spanish) revved up the crowd with games and music. The atmosphere felt electric. People, young and old, were dancing about trying to get selected to be part of the show.


When the show started, we were treated to an amazing performance lead by 3 dolphins and 3 dolphin trainers. The dolphins danced in unison, flew up in the air on command and glided through the water with their trainers in perfect harmony. Both dolphins and dolphin trainers even performed a synchronised swimming act imitating ballet movements and surfing! The show lasted for a few hours and left us smiling with excitement.


Want to do more in Valencia?

I have traveled to many parts of Spain so we now usually only select a few things to do. I used the following blog posts for inspiration, so if you want to do more, then feel free to check them out:

Get inspired or get hungry

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4 thoughts on “What I loved about Valencia, Spain”

    1. Yes it did but there was a lot of crowd cheering and dancing at the beginning so the dolphins did not get tired. They also took turns doing tricks so it was completely dolphin friendly :)

    1. Hope you make it there some day! If you do, you should definitely have as much juice as possible. We found it so funny that the Valencia OJ was in the ‘dessert’ section of the menu :)

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